To be acccessible

To provide a service that is physically, administratively and culturally accessible to each consumer seeking support, in line with their relative needs and available resources

To meet needs

To provide a service which meets consumers' individual needs and personal goals in the least restrictive way

To encourage independence

To provide a service that maximises consumer decision making and self-determination

To respect an individual's rights

To respect consumer privacy, dignity and confidentiality

To facilitate

To facilitate service delivery, consumer participation and integration in the wider community

To engage with our community

To establish and enhance valued social roles for consumers in all aspects of service delivery

To respond to complaints

To respond to consumer complaints and disputes through a Grievance Procedure

To reach the best outcome

To follow management practices which maximise outcomes for consumers and the organisation

To respect an individual's relationships

To recognise the significance of consumers' family relationships, informal social networks, cultural backgrounds and linguistic environments

To respect human rights
To ensure that the legal and human rights of consumers are upheld, particularly in relation to the prevention of sexual, physical and emotional abuse within the service