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What can our Australian Disability Enterprises offer your business?

Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) are commercial businesses that provide real work opportunities for people with disability.

Doing business with an ADE is more than just good business - it provides:
Employment opportunities for people with disability and
Real corporate social responsibility for you, the customer.

Australian Disability Enterprises receive funding and support from the Department of Social Services to assist with operating costs, such as employing staff members to support employees with disability.

We provide a safe, supportive work environment and to offer quality products and services at competitive prices.

Changes to the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines make it easier for Australian Government departments and agencies to purchase products and services from ADEs. Australian Government departments and agencies looking to acquire services or products under the Commonwealth Procurement Guidelines are now able to consider purchasing from an ADE without the need to go to tender.

Goal 14 of the NSW 2012 initiative by the NSW Division of Local Government aims to increase community participation of people with disability by encouraging Councils to utilise their local disability employment providers. This process is made simpler by the ability of Councils to procure services from a disability employment provider without the need for open tenders or approval from the State Contracts Control Board.

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