NSW Disability Inclusion Act - Human Rights for All

 The NSW Disability Inclusion Act, launched just four months ago, aims to make sure that NSW continues to be a place where people with a disability have access to mainstream services and are part of the community.

If you think this Act doesn't affect you, think again. Close to 20% of the Australian population have a disability - a physical condition, mental or behavioural disorder or intellectual or developmental disorder.

You know at least one person who has a disability. You have customers, clients and neighbours with a disability. As our population ages there will be more people in the community with a disability.

Among other things the Act makes it clear that people with a disability have the same human rights as other people, and it requires government departments and local councils to engage in disability inclusion action planning.

In our local community there are a number of people with a disability living independently. We work, study, dine and shop locally. We enjoy local entertainment and activities and plenty of other social commitments.

Having a secure and comfortable home and participating in community life is important to everybody; people with a disability are no different. Supports are available to help achieve these and Cooma Challenge Limited is one of the support providers. Some people require 24-hour support in order to maintain their safety and wellbeing, while other people choose to live alone or with housemates and receive support such as help with cooking and cleaning, personal care or shopping.

If you are or if you care for a person with a disability, as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out you should take the opportunity to look at what supports are available to you.

If you do not have a disability, remember that dignity, respect and neighbourliness are all free!

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