Our Children and Young Adults Disability Support Service (the acronym is CYADSS) is for children and young people with a disability and it's for their families too. This service provides a time for fun and even adventure for children aged six to 18.

The regular programs provide opportunities for children with a disability to enjoy leisure time with or without their siblings - brothers and sisters are welcome to come along. It is not about replacing what families do together - it's about encouraging children and young adults to socialise and to receive encouragement and comradeship from other people with disabilities.

Activities are organised based on what great activities and attractions there are around our region and take into account the requests and interests of the regular attendees - their individual likes and personalities. Activities might include a trip to a park or a shopping centre in Canberra, fishing at the lake, a day at the zoo, a visit to a museum or an experience such as at the War Memorial.

Cooma Challenge Limited operates within strict policies and procedures to ensure quality of service, including the safety and security of the people in our care. Depending on the support needs of the young people involved there may be a staff member to accompany every three, two or even one young person during an excursion; and our groups are not larger than 12 people including staff members.

The CYADSS program caters for children with all levels of disability.

The cost for families to be involved is by donation; you just need to be eligible to use the service. For more information, and to find out if you may be eligible, contact the Coordinator Christine Williams at our office on 02 6452 2156.